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Carton packaging design trends
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Carton packaging design trends

Straight carton cartons It is common to become the mainstream of the popular carton cartons.Carton packaging is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, especially tablets of drugs.

Straight carton cartons It is common to become the mainstream of the popular carton cartons.

Carton packaging is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, especially tablets of drugs.

It is produced by stamping out the paper creases, cutting off unwanted parts, and then gluing the sides side by side with the machine or hand.

Common are the following:

1, barrel

Structure is very simple There is no box top and bottom cover, one-way folded into a tube. Universal set out on chocolate, candies outside.

2, plug-in carton carton

It is a straight line carton carton representative, due to the different directions at both ends of the insertion, which is divided into the line and anti-inserted.

① The insertion structure ( tongue ) of the top cover and bottom cover of the in-line cassette is on one side of the cassette cover.

② anti-plug-in: the top of the box and the bottom cover of the insertion structure (tongue) is in the box surface, the bottom surface of the box.

3, bonded cartons cartons

There is no plug-in structure of the carton box, rely on the drill to glue the lid and the bottom together. This box is suitable for holding powdered and granular products is a solid carton cartons. It is a material-saving carton box structure because of its reduced insertion structure and its almost no cut-out in its net area.

4, lock the end of carton boxes

It is based on the plug-in tray developed, the plug-in bottom cover into a lock-type structure. Because it eliminates the bonding process and can contain heavier products, such as cosmetics, wine and other vertical products, so much the public favor. Compared with the plug-in, the same size and size of the carton because it saves the insertion structure of the bottom cover, so more material saving.

5, disk-shaped cartons

Disk-shaped carton carton packaging has a disc-shaped structure, in fact, in addition to a straight line outside the carton carton, most of the packaging are in this structure. The tray-shaped cartons are very versatile and can be used in food, cake pastries, groceries, textile garments and gifts. Its advantage is generally do not need to use adhesive but the structure of the carton itself to increase the incision to bolt and lock method, the carton carton molding and sealing.

Disk-shaped cartons from the structural distinction can be divided into the following forms:

1, folded Sheng carton cartons

This is a folded and glued carton tray with the advantages of small box size, ease of shipping and inventory, and economy.

① heaven and earth cover tray carton tray:  This is made of two sheets of paper, respectively, two plates: cover and tray two parts. This structure has been used since ancient times, it is suitable for all the goods.

② shake-off cartons cartons:  This is made of a piece of paper. Tray and lid structure connected together. Suitable for bulk biscuits, candies, souvenirs and other packaging.

2, assembled carton packaging

This is not paste the carton box according to its structure can be divided into two forms:  double-layer carton cartons and cartons carton lock.

① Double-decked cartons The carton is made of double-walled, four-sided panels, which are then snapped together to secure the panels without the need for a bunched carton.

According to this structure, the siding can be developed into a siding with a thickness. This carton of cartons due to the reinforcement of the wall together with the window or transparent top is generally suitable for holding heavier food cakes, gifts and so on.